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O-ring rubber factory

Produce rubber O-rings according to the designs, samples, according to customer requirements. Able to design your own needs Rubber seal, canvas reinforcement, diaphragm sheet, rubber stopper, rubber suction, rubber seal, oven edge seal, lid seal, air seal, heat proof, air seal, O-ring, can choose the material, color, hardness as you like The more ordered, the cheaper the price can be signed for annual production contract.

Current rubber materials that are supported in production are

  • Natural rubber (NR)
  • Oil resistant rubber (NBR)
  • High temperature resistant rubber, gas work (VITON)
  • Heat resistant rubber (EPDM)
  • Rubber used in food And heat resistant (SILICONE)
  • Cushion rubber sponge And temperature resistant (SPONGE)

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